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We are currently only running online classes and we are not accepting any new private clients. This will be reviewed in September. Kind regards Sarah Lynch
1 to 1 Pilates Sessions


There are several different reasons why people choose private Pilates over group mat classes. Some people will be in need of physical rehabilitation for a specific problem, and whilst classes can cater for different physical conditions, the focus of the class will be on the general population rather than for their specific needs. Others may feel that they'd like to start their Pilates journey in a private setting and then progress into a class environment, whilst on the other hand some people may just not feel they would ever feel confident enough to join a group session. Finally, just like hiring a personal trainer in a gym or at home, private sessions allow people to really focus on their personal health and fitness goals.

Private Pilate Booking

Private work is offered on the following days and times, these are the first and last appointment times
Tues 09-30am to 16-30pm
Wed 09-30am to 16-30pm
Thurs 13-00 to 17-00pm
Fully Equipped

Large Pilates Equipment

Our fully equipped apparatus studio in Congleton is very proud to be able to offer clients the use of a universal reformer, a tower, a wunda chair and a spine corrector. Together this equipment offers a vast repertoire of exercise to our clients allowing a completely unique experience tailored to each body’s individual needs. Equipment based sessions are loved by the celebs and are increasingly used by elite athletes to hone in on their personal areas for improvement. Of course if you're not excited by the thought of the large equipment for your private session, then we can offer a full mat session, or a combination of the two.


Our Studio

We are conveniently located on Worrall Street, Congleton, which is opposite the Leisure Centre. The studio is ground floor based and has ample access space for those who are not so mobile. There is access to a ground floor toilet in the adjacent Iyengar yoga studio. The room is warm, bright, cosy and clean
1 to 1 Sessions


  • Chris T

    Having suffered with lower back problems for some time I was recommended to try Pilates by a hospital Consultant. I discovered Core Capable and now, two and half years later, Pilates has become a way of life allowing me to enjoy my passion for running with stronger core for every day needs - thank you Sarah! I attend a weekly class and have one to one sessions with Sarah at her well-equipped and spacious studio in Congleton. Sarah demonstrates a high level of knowledge and competency of Pilate’s principles and developed a wide range of practical skills and adaptations of exercises to cater for all levels of students. Everyone should try the “ring” once and, be prepared to be prodded to correct form or simply confirm things are firing right and looking elegant! Sarah is very personable and professional aiming to understand all her students’ personal strengths, weakness and aspirations. Whether a one to one session or class environment Sarah treats you as an individual. The one to one sessions I have with Sarah and ‘The Reformer’ are tailored just for me, focused on strengthening my weaknesses while developing and improving my strengths. I would strongly recommend Core Capable to anyone who either has lower back weakness or just simply wants to improve there overall core strength and enjoy the other key benefits Pilates offers.

  • Chris Jacks

    Having been diagnosed with osteoporosis and having had a bad fall, I was struggling with limited mobility and lack of confidence – accompanied by constant background pain. At this point my wife suggested Pilates, in the hope of improving strength, flexibility and balance. And so it was that we approached Sarah at Core Capable as she had been recommended to us by a colleague who had himself taken great benefit from a series of 1 to 1 sessions with Sarah. Sarah has a very friendly and calm demeanor, whilst being totally professional – paying great attention to details and formulating an exercise regime tailored to my particular problems. We started off in a gentle manner but incrementally increased the intensity of the exercises so that by the end of the initial 3 sessions my basic flexibility and posture were showing signs of improvement. A further 6 sessions built on this success and my pain levels are reduced whilst my flexibility, posture and confidence are much improved. I feel I have control of my own body once more. I cannot recommend this lady too highly. Core Capable Pilates does exactly what it says on the door.

  • Chris G

    Had my first 1 to 1 session with Sarah today as I've suffered with a bad back for many years. What a fantastic difference it has made after just this 1 session. Sarah is extremely knowledgeable and quickly identified what my issues might be. Will definitely be booking another session. Thank you Sarah

  • Suzanne T

    I started Sarah's Pilates for Runners classes a couple of years ago, having previously attended many gym based classes. You come away from the very first class realising just how poorly you've been doing some of the exercises in the past. Sarah, in a really supportive, low key way, corrects you to prevent injury and to ensure that you are creating a really solid baseline to build upon. In a group class she progresses you well, encouraging you to work within just your own capabilities. The classes are light hearted and fun and just fly by! Seven months ago I sustained a hip injury whilst running. Sarah worked alongside the consultant and physios to tailor a rehab and strengthening programme. Amidst lots of mixed messages and treatments Sarah was the one consistent professional, focusing only on protecting the injury and slowly building strength and fitness. She has a really good understanding of physiology. The reformer exercises were superb, pushing you, yet shielding your injury. Sarah sought feedback after each session and tailored subsequent sessions accordingly. Sarah rehabilitated in a timely fashion aiding return to fitness as speedily as possible. I can't thank her or recommend her enough.

  • Helen R

    I began 1:1 Pilates reformer sessions with Sarah 8 weeks ago with my main concern being pain, stiffness and restricted movement in my right hip/groin/buttock area with problems also in my right knee.

    I am now feeling the benefit of these sessions with greatly improved degree of rotation, extension,stability & freedom of movement in the hip joint due to this specific targeted exercise regime compiled by Sarah.
    The detailed planning & build up in difficulty of these personalised 1:1 sessions has vastly improved my confidence in my hip joint due to a noticeably improved freedom of movement & strength in this joint that I no longer feel pain. Winner!
    Sarah has an easy going nature & is very experienced with a professional manner. I’ve found the sessions quite hard work for the targeted area but am now noticing the benefits in my daily life.
    The sessions are always good fun


We cater for all physical conditions 
No Equipment Required
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