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We are currently only running online classes and we are not accepting any new private clients. This will be reviewed in September. Kind regards Sarah Lynch

Core Capable Pilates

Group and Private Pilates in Congleton

Release Your Inner Core

We offer both mat classes and one to one Pilates for all age groups.

Private Pilates

Private Pilates sessions can be helpful for exercise based rehabilitation of physical issues, for those wanting to gain some Pilates experience before they come into a class, or simply for a more personal Pilates experience. These sessions introduce you to the Pilates large equipment, such as the Universal Reformer, the Wunda Chair, Spine Corrector and Tower

Mat Classes

Mat classes are taught in small groups, with a maximum of 12 participants. All exercises are layered in a progressive way so that you can work at your own level. Should any of the exercises be contraindicated for your physical issues you will always be advised of an alternative safe move. Small equipment such as therabands, soft balls and pilates rings are regularly used in class. FREE taster sessions are always offered

Sarah-Jane Lynch

Owner and Pilates Instructor

Release Your Inner Core

For almost 25 years I worked at a local pharmaceutical company as a Biomedical Information Scientist supporting drug projects in the Respiratory, Inflammation and Oncology areas. I graduated from Nottingham Trent University with a BSc HONS in Biomedical Science so together with my work experience and education I have a strong physiology and anatomy background essential for an effective Pilates Instructor


Pilates for all ages and abilities
  • Joan

    I joined Sarah’s class after having a lower back micro dissection in 2016. Following this procedure, I was having problems with my mobility and my GP suggested pilates. I researched local classes and contacted Sarah. After just a few weeks attending the classes my mobility improved considerably, I am now very conscious of the importance of core strength.
    Attending Sarah ‘s classes regularly I rarely suffer any lower back pain!
    Sarah is a caring instructor with a wicked sense of humour!! This makes the classes fun and enjoyable. I would recommend Pilates to everyone! The hour I spend in Sarah’s class is the most important, beneficial hour of the my week, both for my body and my mind!


    Never say never! Despite being well into my third age Pilates has given me a new lease of life. The weak knees are much stronger, the wobbly balance is improving and the core is stronger than it's ever been.

    All this is thanks to regular attendance at Sarah's class which I have been going to since it started. The classes are fun and light hearted though of course there is the serious side. Sarah's explanations are detailed so we know exactly which muscles we are working and where we should be feeling it. That said, we are always encouraged to work within our own range and if we have an area of weakness she will give us an alternative and check that we are doing it correctly.


    Sarah has been very supportive during the small Pilates groups she runs following an injury to my knee and the run up to surgery as well as during the rehab period to get my knee functioning as well as possible again.
    She always provides alternatives to moves which would damage the joint, giving me strengthening options to work on, always checking in with me to make sure I am pain free while working during the class.
    She is a very knowledgeable instructor with a good approach to her clients. Her classes are always well structured and planned out as well as inclusive and fun to take part in.

  • Claire

    I’ve been a fan of Pilates for over 5 years now. Really helps with neck/shoulder issues typical of desk bound jobs - but Sarah manages to add a humorous twist with her imagery!!!
    Great fun - even when it’s challenging!


    Pilates with Sarah is fab! Lots of content, the classes have improved my balance and core strength. Lovely fun and friendly atmosphere, great instructor, a wonderful hour's workout!


    I've been going to Sarah's Pilates classes for nearly three years. I'd never done it before and wasn't sure what to expect but I really enjoy it. The back and shoulder pain I used to get has gone and my posture and stamina have improved considerably. Sarah is very professional but her classes are fun and very beneficial.


We cater for all physical conditions 
No Equipment Required
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